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You can create robotic, alien, funny, or strange voices from normal voices
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YoGen Vocoder is a sound recorder/editor. The application is interesting more than anything, because it allows to play with sound recording and mixing concept, which is new to me. With the help of YoGen Vocoder you can add a voice and a music recording and make the voice sound in the same manner as the music that you've added. It is not easy to explain in words, so bear with me. I thought the application would simply "print" the voice on top of a musical track, just like musicians do that. But, instead, Vocoder, changes the pace of the voice recording that you add to match the rhythm of the provided music file. An example that I can give you right off the top of my head is as follows: if you add a rap background track (with the beats, etc), and you provide it with a voice recording, when you encode the clip, you won't hear the music, but you will hear the voice rapping (following the rhythm of the background music). It is a very interesting concept. However, I fail to see a serious use other than having fun with it.

There are some limitations to the application's use, though. Strangely, it doesn't support MP3 files, so you have to convert your music to WAV. There are some advanced features for editing the sound.

José Fernández
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  • Interesting concept


  • Limited format support
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